How To Make Ketupat Case

by Julia Zurina (

The Unique and Handmade Craft With A Purpose

Ketupat has always been the signature food item in the exotic Malay world, that must be prepared, served and eaten during the festival day of Hari Raya or Eid.

By itself the ketupat case or kelongsong is a unique form of handmade craft. It is truly a skilful form of handmade craft utilised from nature that accomplish as food container efficiently in a practical way.

Furthermore, the beautiful unique design of the ketupat case also can serve as a home decorations, during that day. For this purpose the case is made from plastic ribbons.

Weaving ketupat case may look simple, but without proper instructions and practice, no one will ever know how to make it.

If you are food enthusiasm or handmadecraft hobbyists then this book is for you to learn in a pictorial guide how to weave (menganyam) the ketupat case. More than 40 guiding photos will guide you step by step from start to finish.

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